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Oliver Lorenz
Head of Market Asia
ORDERFOX is a global online CNC industry marketplace that connects machine shops and other manufacturers with buyers seeking to place CNC manufacturing jobs. Expectedly, Orderfox is seeing a rapid growth in China, where it is helping a growing number of local machine shops find work for unused or under-utilized machines from across the world. Orderfox has also found an encouraging response in India where it has helped a number of companies bag recurring orders from international machine tools companies.

DMI met Oliver Lorenz, Head of Market Asia, ORDERFOX in Mumbai during his recent India visit, and spoke to him about his company’s vision, global response, and plans for the Indian CNC industry.  Presenting his views that he shared with us in a follow-up email interview.

Please share with us a brief history of – who are the founders of the company, when and how did the idea of occur to the founders, and what is the market need that you seek to address?

The platform was launched on June 1, 2017 whereas the actual preparation and development work had been going on around three years before the launch. It was exactly developed on the profile of the CNC industry. The founders are well-respected businessmen in their own industries, so with the progressive developing work since the project kick-off in 2014, a global platform was created, which perfectly connects the actual as well as demand-oriented aspects and needs of CNC manufacturer and CNC buyers.

The platform offers intelligent filter functions for both sides and thus provides accurate results. This milestone for digital platforms is, among other things, the outcome of many years of know-how in the manufacturing industry, global market knowledge, and workshops with the CNC manufacturer and buyers. is extremely dynamic and will be constantly developed in the future, and therefore is considered to be the internet of the CNC industry.

Can you give us an idea of the response that has received from the global CNC industry in terms of numbers, regions or countries, orders generated or fulfilled, and company listings?

Currently, we do have more than 2,000 active users, whereas we do have about 2,70,000 community members in our database. We have quite a number of new users who register every day that we verify to make sure, and there are only CNC-related companies registered.

Presently, China must be an important market for you where you have an active market presence. Can you share with us your experience of working with Chinese companies and their response to your offerings?

We have received great feedback [from Chinese companies] and have a large number of Chinese companies online. The difference and it is one of the reasons why is successful in China is that we place all companies on a global network and there are no limitations on what each buyer and/or manufacturer can do on it.

How important is India as a market to you and what has been your experience so far of working with Indian companies. Can you share with us some success stories, if any?

We recently had Genau Engineers India, a medium-sized manufacturing company with Mazak CNC Turn-Mill and CNC Turning Centres and Multi-Function technology based in Pune, who shared their success story with us where they have received recurring orders from a Swiss machine tool company. They first registered with us at EMO 2017. is also a knowledge platform that provides technical know-how and industry updates to the visitors. Can you share with us the guiding vision and the purpose behind it?

Whenever a CNC manufacturer wants to increase his business by finding new clients or has an over-capacity in his workshop, he can look for a buyer on the platform who has the exact same needs that the CNC manufacturer can offer. On the other hand, the buyer can find the perfectly suitable partner for his CNC parts that he is in urgent need of. The whole process works on a local and global scale. Besides that, has offered the Knowledge & Trends section online, as well as the Event Calendar section — just to name a few — so that the platform is a customized tool that everyone in the CNC industry can use for his entire workflow and all his projects. Welcome to the new digital CNC world.

Oliver Lorenz Head of Market Asia ORDERFOX
Oliver Lorenz
Head of Market Asia



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