TBD HS: A Programmable System


TBD HS: A Programmable System for non-contact high-speed tool-breakage detection

Marposs’ Tool Breakage Detector is a time-saving laser-based solution for broken tool detection on machine.



Industrial processes, where productivity represents the priority to achieve, aim to deploy tool measurement solutions, which prove to be quick, accurate and reliable. Aware of such need and willing to develop an application that could avoid affecting production efficiency, Marposs presented TBD, the Tool Breakage Detector, a time-saving laser-based solution for broken tool detection on machine.

TBD on milling machines and machining centres permits to keep under control the process, thanks to a very short tool checking cycle. Fast and reliable detection achievable by the TBD allows to reduce production time and to avoid expensive work-pieces scrap due to wrong cutting process by damaged or broken tools. All functionality is contained within the TBD unit compact housing, which can be mounted outside the machine area, saving space on the table.

It is possible to choose among different working modes, which endow TBD with a great flexibility. Switching the power to the maximum gives TBD the chance to recognize a tool placed at a longer distance (up to 2 meters), with a standard capability to check the breakage. If a smaller tolerance is required, the reduced power can be set obtaining a smaller beam. Furthermore, an user can choose the filtering level of the signal. In fact, during the checking cycle, some coolant drops could interrupt the beam or coolant stuck on the tool could create variation in the signal received. Setting “Hi Filter” makes the software of the TBD more restrictive in order to give the more reliable response. On the other hand, choosing “Low Filter” TBD responds in a faster way, as the filter is less severe.

Lastly, it is possible to choose the appropriate range of spindle speed, up to 5000 rpm.

The new TBD HS

Marposs S.p.A. has recently introduced the new TBD HS, High Speed, on its wide range of products for tool checking on milling machines and machining centers. The new TBD HS is a programmable system for non-contact checking hi-speed tools, particularly committed to those applications where there is the need for hi-speed spindles, up to 80.000 rpm.

Thanks to its rotary switch selector, the TBD HS is able to recognize the tool in two different ways, depending on the actual rotational speed, thus minimizing cycle times, generally crucial in this kind of process. Selecting “Quick Recognition”, the tool checking is performed for 10.000 rpm spindle speed and its multiples; on the other hand, it is possible to choose “Hybrid Recognition” if the speed is 1.000 rpm and its multiples or 10.000 rpm and its multiples. With a reflective, clean tool an impressive 150 msec checking time is achieved, approximately half the time compared to the standard TBD.

High spindle speeds and small tool dimensions lead to the need for a fine adjustment for positioning the TBD HS in a very precise way: that is the reason why an effective system has been designed to make accurate and easy the searching procedure of the tool verification position. Once TBD installed and tool approximately pointed, now is even more quick and simple to optimize the laser beam and to find the checking position.

The tool breakage detection performed by the TBD HS is improved by the presence (upon request) of a blower for cleaning the receiver glass: taking advantage of the usual standard inlet, both in terms of air flow and pressure, it has been developed a solution able to protect the glass from swarf and scraps without increasing the air consumption. Moreover, when the conditions are particularly harsh because of the aggressive presence of shavings, there is the chance to substitute the standard protection glass with one in sapphire crystal: being 9 out of 10 its hardness degree on the Mohs scale, this kind of protection lets the receiver performance always at its maximum, no more damaged by the extreme machine conditions.


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