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Grind Master Group – Vision 2023

Sameer Kelkar
Grind Master Group

Sameer Kelkar, CEO, Grind Master Group shares the company’s top three predictions for the global manufacturing industry, the group’s growth statement, bestsellers and use cases.


Grind Master (GM) Group is a growing, international player in the manufacturing of various high-end surface finishing machines and Industrial Robotic Automation Systems, and is venturing into various additive manufacturing technologies. Based in India, the company has a sales-and-service office in China, a manufacturing subsidiary in France and a new R&D setup coming up in the USA.

GM group is a major supplier to various industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Foundries, Metal, Printing & Packaging industries.


Top Predictions


Modern manufacturing demands more flexible and faster manufacturing technologies using Robotics & Automation. A majority of industries are upgrading their manufacturing setup from traditional setup consisting manual processes or semi automatic processes to Robotic Automation. Various processes like Fettling, Deflashing and Grinding which were traditionally done manually or using semiautomatic tools are now successfully shifting towards robotic automation.

Industry 4.0 and IoT

Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies in which IOT plays a very important role. It uses cyber-physical systems and cloud computing. Machines are meant to improve quality productivity and cost efficiency. With IOT, machines are becoming smarter and users are able to interact with these smart machines in similar way we interact with Smart Phones. There machines communicate and cooperate with each other and humans in real time which helps in making decentralized decisions. Industries with scattered manufacturing plants can now coordinate in much better way due to this.  Self-diagnostics is another feature which helps in preventive maintenance which eventually helps in increasing productivity and quality.


Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing could be the biggest disruptive technology in the manufacturing space. Conventionally majority of manufacturing happens through casting and through various material removal processes. With the use of additive technologies, various complex shapes which are compromised due to limitations of conventional manufacturing processes can be manufactured with ease. It gives tremendous flexibility to the product designers. Various materials like plastics, metals, sand, etc. are already getting 3D-printed majorly for prototyping purpose or for manufacturing highly complex parts. As cycle time for such processes will reduce, we will see more and more applications getting done through additive manufacturing processes.



Robotic Foundry Automation

Robotics is set to bring about a Revolution in Foundry Industry and transform Human Lives therein. For ensuring Health and Safety of the foundry workforce, it is essential to replace hazardous manual operations like grinding and fettling solutions using Robotics. Doing so is also a productivity and Quality game-changer. The first movers in this space have implemented robotic systems several years ago and now the revolution is spreading fast. The majority of foundries are upgrading their fettling setup from traditional setup consisting manual processes or semiautomatic processes to Robotic Automation.

Grind Master Machines has spearheaded this effort with breakthrough technology and turnkey solutions.

NANOFINISH Range for Automotive

NANOFINISH is a home-grown technology in the field of metal surface finishing. GM is a Leading Machine Manufacturer in this field in India since 2000. GM provides the surface finish for the Automotive Powertrain and Drivetrain Components line Crankshaft, Camshaft, transmission Shaft, Gears, Pulleys, Tulips, Gear Pump Shafts.

There are 500+ NANOFINISH machines in operation worldwide. Grind Master is a trusted partner for many reputed Automotives and Auto OEM Suppliers in the world, providing a total and reliable solution for Metal Surface Finishing.

Robotic Machining Applications

Nowadays most of the companies are upgrading their traditional setups to Robotic Automation.

GM is among the reputed companies in the Robotic Machining industry. Robotic machining is a 7 Axis system which consists of 6-axis Robot and an additional servo axis. This provides high accuracy and reliability.




“Since its inception in 1984, Grind Master Group has continuously kept innovating according to the needs of the industry. Grind Master started with surface polishing and deburring machines and then went on adding very high end super-finishing and micro-finishing machines which are our NANOFINISH range of products.  Grind Master entered in Robotics Automation in the year 2010 for successfully delivered critical Fettling, Grinding, Deburring and Machining applications. We stand apart from the rest of the Robotic System Integrators due to our machine tools manufacturing experience, process know-how and engineering capabilities. Today, Grind Master manufactures over 50 product-ranges including manual, semiautomatic as well as CNC Machines along with Robotic Automation systems

Today, GM Group is a global company with HQ in India, sales & service office in China, a manufacturing subsidiary in France and a new R&D setup coming up in the USA. We deliver specialised solutions for NANOFINISH, Metal Finish, Deburr and Robotic Automation. Over the period, we have indigenously developed our own control system NANOFINISH specifically meant for Metal Finishing Machines. Now we are replacing it with Industry-4.0 compliant control system – NANOSmart. NANOSmart control system has lot of advanced features for users for remote monitoring and operating the machine.

Our aim is to become a Global Technology Leader in growing technology domains like robotic automation and additive manufacturing. All our next-gen machines are getting smarter with the use of AI and IOT.”



Robotic Deflashing of Aluminium Casting –
RMT Series

Grind Master Robotic Deflashing Machine is an advanced and most reliable machine for Aluminium components. Robotic deflashing is a revolutionary technology developed by Grind Master Machines Pvt Ltd for Aluminium foundry. This increases the productivity, quality and save time of casters with the healthier workplace.

This RMT Series machine is the simplest standalone of the modular machines for Deflashing applications. With Manual load/unload using Pallet Exchangers, RMT Series machines typically give cycle times from 20 to 60 sec for components typically 500 X 500 mm in size. Robot equipped with a Flexible Deburring Tool completes the operation with consistency and repeatability through the lifetime. This makes it very very suitable for components such as backrest for scooters, Oil Sump, Foot Rest, Motor housing, Clutch housing, Clutch Cover, Throttle Body, Alloy Wheel Rims and many other automotive components manufactured in large volumes.

RMT series machines are compact with low footprint and optimized energy costs, making it a “Green” machine. Grind Master also offers Fully Automated Cells using RMT series machines and Handling Robots. Such cells are typically deployed for very high volume manufacturing, giving throughputs of 4-5 parts/minute. Another option for Die Casters is to use Aluminum-Casting machine Integrated Cells – RCP series, to automate the entire Casting-Deflashing Process with single piece flow with either GDC (Gravity Die Cast) or PDC (Pressure Die Cast) components. Such cells include operations for Gate cutting, Trimming and Quenching.

Grind Master is a trusted partner to some of the giants in the Aluminium foundry sector in World, providing a total and reliable solution.

Robotic Iron Casting Fettling RCF-HD Series

Grind Master Robotic cast iron fettling machine is an advanced and most reliable machine for CI components. Robotic fettling is a revolutionary technology developed by Grind Master Machines Pvt Ltd for cast iron foundry. This increases the productivity, quality and save time of casters with the healthier workplace.

Grind Master RCF-HD series machine is an ideal, reliable and economic machine for fettling operations including Riser and gate cutting, Parting line grinding, deburring for sharp edges, milling in inaccessible areas and breaking into holes.

This machine addresses specific problems presents in foundry industry like unhealthy working conditions, heavy Components, heavy stock removals, complex shapes, loading-unloading, tool changers, automatic path corrections, variation in components.

This machine is completely enclosed with full metal enclosure with dust collector system and automatic tool changer. The cycle time depends on the component, typically it is between 2 to 3 minutes for components 500 X 300 X 250 mm in size.

The robot is integrated with the Electric spindle and completes the operation with consistent quality and reliability through the lifetime. This makes the machine suitable for wide range components like Motor Housing, hydraulic Housing, Pump housing, Flywheel housing, Engine and transmission housing/covers manufactured in large volumes. This machine is a major leap towards transforming current messy foundry fettling shop into Organised Fettling shop.

Grind Master now also offers an economic solution called RCF-HD-ECO series Machine with simple machining workplace. Grind Master is a trusted partner to some of the giants in the cast iron foundry sector in World, providing a total and reliable solution.



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