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We Consider Gujarat A Priority State For Our Offerings


Vishwanath Ammanagi, Managing Director – Sales, Andreas Maier Workholding Technology Pvt. Ltd (AMF) interacted with DMI at ENGIMACH 2019 and shared the visitor response and the experience of the show

Please share with us your experience of the show and the visitor response thus far.


The experience has been really good. Even in today’s macroeconomic situation of slow growth, we are seeing a good number of visitors coming to our stall with genuine business enquiries.


What are all the offerings you have brought to ENGIMACH? 


AMF is a German, family-owned companywith a legacy of 129 years.We are a leading manufacturer in clamping technology. Right from traditional clamping systems to the latest clamping technologies, we offer the right clamping system for every need – includingmechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic clamping technology, magnetic and vacuum clamping systems as well as high-precision ‘zero-point’ clamping systems. Gujarat being a state where all types of industries exist,we can offer our wide range of over 6,000 products to our Gujarat-based customers.We see a lot of automotive companies– large automotive companies as well as big non-automotive companies – setting up manufacturing plants here, so we consider Gujarat as a priority state for our offerings and are therefore focusing more on this region.


Indeed. I can see that most of your top management is present at the show, which is a testimony to the priority that you have given to Gujarat. 


Exactly.All my senior colleagues are here to support and cater to our visitors – they are interacting with them on a one-to one basis to be able to provide all the information the visitors need about the applications of our products and how they can use our products in their facility.


Since we are at the end of the year 2019, what is AMF’s vision for the year 2020. 


2020 looks to be a good year. We want to start the coming year with newer strategies and priorities. We see a lot of positive trends in 2020 due to various reasons, notably the greater range of products and a stronger focus on some existing products for which we see a good potential going forward.

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