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What Coronavirus Means for India’s Supply Chains & Manufacturing


Aanand pandey

I am a Mumbai-based writer, filmmaker and YouTuber. I work with organizations such as MeshMix Media and USC Marshall CGSCM. Reach me at

Impact of Covid19 on India’s Suuply chains and Manufacturing 

There is growing panic globally about the Novel Coronavirus epidemic, and rightly so. It is among the most fast spreading outbreaks of recent history. The good part, if there is any, is that today we can track the spread in real time, and launch a unified global response for containment. India is also in the grips of the virus, but here it is not as fast-spreading as it is in China, Europe and Southeast Asia. Aanand Pandey, Business Journalist and Editor, shares his views on the likely impact of the outbreak on the Indian economy, its manufacturing sector and supply chains in particular.




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For medical information on Corornavirus:…


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Link to the case study that illustrates the amazing work done by Dr Rakesh Sinha, Former Global Head – Manufacturing and Supply Chain, GCPL, and Current Founder CEO, Reflexive Supply Chain Solutions:…



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