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Refresh your knowledge and learn new things – with the live webinars of Blaser Swisslube

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The power of the Liquid Tool – Blaser Swisslube, trusted partner for metalworking fluids, is close to its customers also in these difficult times with regular live webinars to help the machining world refresh their knowledge and learn new things. It began with a look behind the scenes at the headquarters in Switzerland, followed by a series of in-depth webinars.


Since physical meetings are hardly possible at the moment, the innovative coolant manufacturer Blaser Swisslube has quickly changed to online company tours and trainings. “From basics to expertise, from analysis to monitoring and maintenance,  our machining experts and chemists help you fully capitalize on the potential of your machines and tools and turn your metalworking fluid into a key success factor – a Liquid Tool”, explains CEO Marc Blaser the background of Blaser’s current training series.


Blaser Swisslube started on April 2, 2020 with internal online courses, so that employees can use the challenging time for their further training. In the first five weeks, the in-house Blaser College held in total 176 live sessions, which were attended by over 3200 employees as well as business partners and customers from all over the world. Moreover, since April 30, Blaser has been offering live events for the entire machining world. In the first of a series of webinars, attended by over 1000 people, Chief Technology Officer Bernhard Gerber provided a look behind the scenes at the headquarters in Switzerland. He talked to machining experts and chemists from Blaser’s technology center and laboratory about the strong leverage effect of the metalworking fluid on crucial performance indicators such as tool life, cycle time, work piece quality and machinist satisfaction, as well as about the importance of regular monitoring and maintenance.


At, Blaser Swisslube offers in-depth live webinars for the coming weeks and months on topics such as coolant maintenance, microbiology and the underestimated leverage effect of the metalworking fluid on total costs. The recordings of live events that have already taken place are also available for viewing. Anybody interested in the power of the metalworking fluid can therefore easily refresh their knowledge and learn new things. Since Blaser Swisslube has had positive experiences with its online trainings, they will remain an integral part of the training offer after the corona crisis. “We will focus on online and live trainings to provide our customers and partners with in-depth knowledge and experience,” concludes Marc Blaser.


Below is the YouTube link of webinar recording held earlier this month:

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