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Blaser SwissLube India – Vision 2023

Punit Gupta
Managing Director
Blaser SwissLube India

Punit Gupta, Managing Director, Blaser SwissLube India shares the top three predictions for the manufacturing industry, the company’s growth statement, bestsellers and use cases.


Blaser Swisslube develops, produces and sells high-quality metalworking fluids. Working with Blaser, customers all over the world successfully produce a range of parts –  tiny parts for the watch-making industry, demanding parts in the medical industry, huge structural elements for the aircraft industry and mass produced critical automotive parts.

The independent and family-owned Swiss company was founded in 1936 and has since grown from a small business into a global player leading in technology. Since the foundation of the company, the requirements of the market and the products’ best possible compatibility with people and the environment have always driven Blaser Swisslube.

Blaser SwissLube has subsidiaries and general agencies in more than 60 countries.



Top Predictions

Digitization & Digitalisation

Simple digitization to complex digitalisation will create huge impact in the way manufacturing is being treated today. People have been busy in learning, thinking & visualising so far. Next 5 years will be interesting to see the execution. A lot is being talked about the digital transformation in the whole manufacturing world. Technology development pace has been going upwards and digitization and digitalisation are bound to create a big impact in manufacturing. Industry 4.0 is a buzz word all over. Techies are able to dream and visualise the interconnected world of machines in manufacturing. Manufacturing companies are unique in themselves and every manufacturer will have to look into its setup and take these technology pieces and put them together as per individual needs and create a symphony. Simple automations, robotics, sensing and generating data points in real time, decision making based upon it etc will be many key topics which will see a big step forward in implementation.


Although it is not a new topic, it will challenge the manufacturers more due to complexity emerging in global world either due to a protectionism trend or new emerging technologies which are disruptive or innovative. Companies will have to look at each and every element in manufacturing and see how can they add value and make the manufacturing more competitive. Due to new technologies and new dimensions in thoughts, it would be also interesting to drive the competitiveness and productivity much faster in upcoming years.

Environment & Health

Awareness is high with people all across about the ill effects brought in by many factors of industrialisation so far. People are conscious and have started thinking and contributing towards better environment and health of people. Technologies are enabling the efforts. Next few years, we would see more and more efforts and trends in this direction as well.







“Convert costs areas into investments areas. It is a key requirement. Time is changing fast and in order to create competitiveness on a global basis, a fresh perspective is required. There is enormous potential to liberate competitiveness in the manufacturing.  Connect & collaborate with best partners who can bring in their strengths and help to generate the return on the investments. These are two critical elements.

Increasing competitiveness of our customers by driving their productivity through our Liquid Tool approach has been a key success element of our company globally.  We have been able to work with our customers and help them in driving this approach, bring in transparency and a holistic view on overall returns on their investments. This has been a phenomenal journey along with our customers and I would like to thank them for being the leader in driving this change.

It has been possible for us due to our strong belief towards future needs of our customers. These are backed by our immense capabilities in R&D located in Switzerland and very high competence and expertise in the whole global organization.  Our people are always very excited to work with customers in exploring the possibilities to exploit the full potential of machines and tools in manufacturing process.

Serving before deserving has been a philosophy, which has been getting strengthened day by day in the company since its inception in 1936.

The potential to exploit and expand on global level is huge for Indian manufacturing industries. However the future would depend upon what we do today and the approach the industry choose. The traditional approach will not take us far. However I am very confident about the robust growth which we can drive in the manufacturing industry in next 5 years. The changes have started coming in. We need to intensify the journey with a holistic approach further.”




Blasocut bio concept

It is becoming a global requirement for all manufacturing organizations to contribute towards a greener planet. These initiatives are either due to global regulations or self-consciousness towards the environment. Blaser Swisslube has designed Blasocut, featuring a bio-concept which works in harmony with nature. It allows the colonization by specific, waterborne bacteria (termed “primary bacteria”) that push back all other bacteria by consuming the available nutrition, which limits their own growth as well. The result is long-term emulsion stability and one of the safest formulations to use across the world.

Blasocut emulsions based on the bio-concept enable optimal process reliability, long life cycles, and make it one of the mildest formulations in the world. Apart from successful technical performance of Blaser Swisslube metalworking fluids, one of the company’s top priorities has always been its human and environmental compatibility. The pH value that is of high importance for the stability of an emulsion remains constant, and there are no changes in odour. In addition, the company has never received complaints regarding skin irritations. Additionally, there are no storage and dosing complications.

Liquid Tool

With years of engagement with metalworking operations in the manufacturing industry, Blaser Swisslube has developed theconcept of Liquid Tool – A new dimensionin productivity. An area of metal working fluid which was often neglected and considered as a necessary evil has been completely turned around with the Liquid Tool concept. It allows us to exploit the potential of machines and tools to a larger dimension.

Consistently high workpiece quality with minimal reworking time, longer tool life for greater machine availability & lower cycletimes, processing and lead times for better return on machinery investment are the vital elements to be successful in the industry. With a state-of-the-art Technology Center at its headquarters in Switzerland, Blaser Swisslube is constantly trying to explore thehigher possibilities by carrying out stringent tests on new metal working solutions which includes the surface quality of the components, tool wear patterns and possibility of making more components perunit of time. It also allows a partnership driven approach with customers by helping them improve their productivity and profitability. It is a paradigm shift in the way metal working fluids have been designed and looked at in the industry.

By developing the formulations with a promise of improved efficiency, setting higher standards in the machining quality and also contributing to the high productivity, the Liquid Tool of Blaser Swisslube is driving the possibilities to new heights in manufacturing technologies. Liquid Tool proves to be a value added concept with substance and it can contribute significantly towards the companies’ objectives in machining and grinding.





Dantal Hydraulics

Dantal Hydraulics is a leading manufacturer of customized Hydraulic Cylinders and Hydraulic Systems, Aircraft Hydraulic Service Trolleys and Car Parking Solutions in India. The Company was established in the year 1990.

Dantal Hydraulics offers complete Hydraulic solutions to sectors like agriculture, earth moving equipment, waste management, material handling, mining, industrial applications, heavy equipment, renewable energy sector and defense.

Their continuous improvement and optimization approach in manufacturing processes help them sail ahead of others in the industry.

In this quest of optimization, Blaser Swisslube approached Dantal Hydraulics, IMT Manesar plant, to share its philosophy of maximizing the profitability by leveraging the investment in Liquid Tool.

Possible benefits with Liquid Tool inspired connection between Blaser Swisslube and Dantal Hydraulics to work on the optimization of tool costs.

With the inspiring leverage effect of Liquid Tool, Dantal agreed to test a new generation metal working fluid from Blaser Swisslube to see the improvements in cutting tools wear pattern so as to induce savings in tool cost.

On mutual agreement, 01 Skiving & Roller burnishing machine was identified to test the Liquid Tool and deliverables were set through a holistic stepwise approach for improvement in overall manufacturing process. There was a curiosity and anxiety on the total cost going down in spite of coolant price per liter going up by about 47%.

The initial detailed tests on overall cost considering production quantity, quality, tooling and coolant were very encouraging. Critical and expensive operation of the
said machine was monitored closely during the test.

As a result of test on first machine, Liquid Tool was able to provide an optimization in tool costs to the tune of 22% which resulted into an annual tool cost saving of
`13,39,200/- on 1 machine. In addition, the operators also praised the cleanliness of the machine and better corrosion protection.

With this success, customer wanted to take the advantage of leverage effect of Liquid Tool on other machines as well and deployed the solution on 2 more machines. This critical application at Dantal Hydraulics is now done only with Blaser Swisslube Liquid Tool solution.

Dantal Hydraulics is further investing in capacity expansion; Blaser Swisslube is looked upon as a trusted partner for further continuous improvements in the shop floor.It helped in creating a trust based foundation between the two companies to work closely in future.

Thanks to Leverage effect of Liquid Tool!

Blaser Swisslube’s goal is to optimize its customers’ manufacturing processes with the liquid tool and to improve their economic efficiency, productivity as well as the machining quality. In close cooperation with the customers and based on a holistic view of the manufacturing process, Blaser Swisslube presents the possibilities to fully exploit the potential of machines and tools by using the right metal working fluid which becomes a liquid tool. This promise is backed by excellent products, customized services, competent experts and its long experience in the metal working industry.



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