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Inauguration of New Technology Centre for Euromac –Italy machines at Radcam Technologies.


Radcam Technologies MD Siddhu Jolad & Euromac Group President Mr Eugenio Lenzotti Collaborated to Cater Indian Market, On 26th September 2018, Bengaluru

We have collaborated to bring the latest European technology to India and Euromac always had very pioneer and commanding technology with patented features. We would like to take this forward in a much bigger way, about 50 machines a year in India in the initial years is the intent. Although we may face the challenge of competing with price from China, we are confident of Euromac, which has got a technology edge and Radcam team which has team of hard working people, a client base who value quality over price, due to which it will be easily achievable!! 



Our technology center can be a learning place and will be used for R&D, sales and support. When we say learning place, what we intend to do is – Academia Interactions, where we bring fresh minds and showcase our technology and when we say it will be R&D Centre, it can be a give & take with intelligent manpower of India put to test with latest development trends. Information can flow from India to Italy or from Italy to India; it will be that level of Technology center.we are going to cover pan India exclusively and hence the proximity to the airport, there will be a lot of customer visits and apart from that the service Centre, whatever spares that you need as customer, that will be stored here and shipped immediately for quick support.




We already have dedicated sales and Support teams, In the meanwhile we also have people who are Techno-Commercial, We  understand that it is a Technical Sales and every person who is a  salesman also needs to know the machine, needs to operate the machine, can suggest a right machine when he studies the customer drawing!!  That is when your knowledge and experience comes into picture. Because we have so many variants like mbx, mtx, stx and it can be 6 or 12 stations. Only if you knew, you can suggest the right kind of machine for the customer to get value for the money, depending on load he gets in a month, or what kind of material he is cutting. Hence every salesman needs to be a technical salesman.


Its people that make’s difference to a product, there are German machines, there are Japanese machine, there are Italian machines everybody cut the same material. But it is the passion of the people that will make it different. All Euromac machines are built and tested in Italy and uses the most sorted parts from all over the world, that’s how we have good products with long life and less maintenance.




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