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Tushar Pawar, Director, AMPCO METAL India Pvt Ltd shares his company’s growth story

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“AMPCO METAL India Pvt Ltd is the only organized Tube Bending Tooling supplier in India”


Tushar Pawar, Director, AMPCO METAL India Pvt Ltd shares his company’s growth story and how it has evolved over the last six years and the vision for the future.


AMPCO METAL India Pvt Ltd is the Indian arm of Switzerland-based AMPCO METAL S.A., a leading international manufacturer and integrated distributor of specialty copper alloys and engineered products.

The company was founded in 1914 in the USA, as an innovator in the introduction and application of aluminium bronze alloys. Over the years AMPCO METAL has served throughout the world in the variety of applications seeking wear, corrosion resistance and high-conductive properties under AMPCO® and AMPCOLOY®.

We spoke with Tushar Pawar, Director at AMPCO METAL India Pvt. Ltd who spearheads the goals of the company, how it has grown in terms of offerings and business in India. Edited excerpts.

Can you share with us a timeline or history of your presence in India, and how you have grown over the years in types of offerings and market spread?

AMPCO METAL used to serve the Indian market through a distributor for many years before we established our own presence. In 2012, the company decided to have its own office and activities. That was when I was fortunate to have this responsibility to set up this Indian arm. The initial idea was to have a liaison office to serve our customers but as we interacted and discussed with our customers and prospects, they suggested that we also have the stock and distribution centre. Based on our customers’ feedback, we decided to have our own facility and stock from where we could cater to our customers with immediate deliveries.


Could you elaborate a bit on your role and your experience throughout this journey?

Being the first employee of the Indian subsidiary, I could witness the evolution of the company in India. I am very proud and humbled to be leading AMPCO METAL in India and this incredible team. I am fortunate to have a young, talented and energetic team which is dedicated to the company’s goals and objectives.  As far as my experience is concerned, it was and continues to be a fantastic and exciting journey. I have had a background in sales and marketing – in addition here I’ve had the opportunity to learn and manage every aspect of the business like business planning, financial management, imports and exports, Investments, recruitments, operations, and strategy among others.

To what factors would you credit the fast growth of your company’s business? 

I would atribute or growth to our customers and ofcourse the dedication of our entire team that helped us grow so far.

As importantly, I would give credit to our group Managing Director Mr Luis Bento and our Group General Manager Mr J.F. Dalin who supported us, motivated us at every crucial phase throughout our journey. The biggest reason why we grew so fast because every time we went to them be it for machines, people, infrastructure, we were never disappointed. Their trust and unwavering support have helped us grow at such a pace.

Equally so, it was the great Initiative of ‘Make in India’ introduced and driven by the Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi that motivated and inspired us to start the machining business – it has proved to be a growth driver for us, especially the Tube Bending Tooling solution. The machining business is now contributing almost 30 percent to our turnover. We expect this segment to contribute about 50 percent in the next couple of years.

Can you share with us the different industries that you serve in India and the types of products or services you provide to these industries?

The automobile and auto-component industry is our biggest customer – we serve the tier-1, tier-2, as well as the tier-3 companies in the auto sector that supply to the auto OEMs. So automobile is the most important sector for us. Other sectors that we serve include Steel, Marine, Aerospace and Oil & Gas.

The most-widely served applications include Tube Bending, Tube Forming, Deep Drawing Plastic Injections Dies & Moulds, Wear Parts, etc.

Right from the raw material supply to finished machined parts, we provide the right solutions for applications required in the various sectors.

Which industry is the fastest growing sector for you?

The steel industry is the fastest growing sector for us in terms of the applications that we provide and the potential applications that we can cater to going forward.

How do you envision your growth in India going forward in terms of industry offerings?

AMPCO METAL delivers the widest range of premium specialty bronzes and copper alloys under the brands AMPCO® and AMPCOLOY®, providing exceptional physical and mechanical properties. The company is more than 100-years old and is known globally as a quality leader in specialty bronzes and copper alloys. We continue to serve the industries in a variety of applications that seek wear- and corrosion-resistant metal that have high conductive properties.

Going forward we aim to be the leading Tube Bending Tooling Specialist and steel industry is the sector we want to focus on as a growth area, among other important sectors. That’s our growth area in India for the next five years.



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